Adverse Credit Mortgage

Adverse Credit Mortgage

It can be really frustrating to be told you have been refused a mortgage. That feeling of envisioning of what your new home will look like has suddenly dissolved into a feeling of despair.

This is why I am here to help you when others can’t. 

Adverse credit may suggest you are not in control of your finances which could almost eliminate the chance of getting a high street mortgage. These can often be forgetting to pay a bill or being ordered by the courts to pay a parking fine, these credit blips whether you were aware or not may make you feel you cannot get a mortgage but that may not be the case.

The following can be deemed as adverse credit:

These credit blips can show up on your credit report which is why you will definitely hear me request one from you! The reason why I will request your credit report is it will give me a clear picture of your finances and find any adverse credit on there.

If you are unsure of how to obtain your credit report please let me know so I can assist you with this. 

When it comes to adverse credit it requires a bespoke approach as no case is the same! There are many variables however it is certainly something I could help with.

To understand your chances of getting right mortgage for you I will need to do an assessment of your credit file so get in touch to see if I can help you

Let me help you when others can't